Anonymous: why do you always say you're from dc/the dc metro area? be proud of VA

are you blind. did you miss the “Reppin VΛ” part of my bio. where does it say anything about DC anywhere on my main tumblr’s description. bye.

cockedtail: i am interested in the acting department in nyu!! if you can, can you give me info on the application process?? thanks!!!

Though all of the tisch majors are housed under the same school, the application process across the departments varies drastically. I know everything there is to know about the recorded music app, but not so much about the other majors. Sorry! Try getting in contact with an acting major who can tell you more about it! Or worst case scenario I know tisch departments post all the directions for applying on their specific websites, so use google and it should turn up! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! 

Humans of New York University

I haven’t actually posted on this blog in a while! I’ll do an end-of-freshman-year extravaganza, but for now, check out my photo on the “Humans of New York University” Facebook page! :) 

Anonymous: Hi! so i saw that you were answering questions on the nyu tag, and that you go to remu, which is my absolute dream school. do you mind talking about your experience with the classes and teachers at remu :) have a lovely weekend!

Alright, well the first thing I’m gonna stress is that NYU really is what you make of it. The people who come here and don’t like it just either aren’t ready for the city life or haven’t put themselves out there enough. So far my experience at NYU has been AMAZING! My whole thing is that I wanted to come to a big city and pursue my CAREER—not just my education. I wanted to be thrown into an environment surrounded by productivity because that’s what inspires me to be productive. Tisch is the best school for that. That’s what makes us quite different from your traditional college-town school. It’s more common to see people seeking internships and starting their own business during their freshman year, because you don’t have to wait until you graduate to get place in an environment where you can final start building your dreams. That’s obviously not for everyone, but it’s something you should think about when deciding between New York City and anywhere else. Everything is here. In the Clive Davis program specifically, there’s a huge push for knowledge of the music business and a strong foundation in entrepreneurship. But don’t take it at face value. The second you start making and releasing or selling music, you’re in the music business. So you’re already a quarter of the way there. There’s people who present capstone projects that culminate in them being a successful artist with a steady brand, getting support from a record label. That’s a good thing, but most likely, you’ll take classes that will force you to dive into all these other interests that will completely throw you off your guard and have you moving in a different direction after your freshman year. I applied as a strictly performer. But I got here, took music business, Sound engineering, Record Producer as a Creative Artist, Fundamentals of Digital Audio Workstations, and music theory. Now i want to start my own production company while getting my brand as an artist off its feet and intern as an assistant engineer over the summer. Your goals may change! And that’s okay! The whole point of Clive is to force you to experience all the different possibilities there are to being involved in the music industry. That’s what makes it so useful because you can get almost any internship you want and make it relevant to you major. Right now I’m an intern at Roc Nation—working for their Publicity and Digital Marketing department. But now I can take that and work for the PR or Digital Marketing Department of ANY company because of that experience. How did I get that internship? I went to the head of our department and said “I want an internship with Jay-Z.” The professors are beyond supportive, maintaining a professional relationship and friendly environment. If you’re debating whether or not to come here (I might be quite biased) but DEFINITELY COME HERE BECAUSE ITS AMAZING! 

If you have any other questions feel free to hit up my inbox! It’s always open :) 

cockedtail: hey!! i wanted to get into tisch and i was wondering-- what did you have arts wise that got you in?? also, what did you audition with??

It depends what department of tisch! I’m actually a recorded music major, and our application process is very different, as is ever department’s, from other tisch majors. If you’d like I can recommend a specific person to talk to regarding your interests. Are you interested in acting, film, dance, dramatic writing… any of those specifically?


New York only blog!

Gramercy Green photo post


So, since I made a master photo post of my room in Third North, I figured I’d make one for Gramercy as well.


This is the common area as viewed from the kitchen. Our common area opens up into the kitchen. It’s a bit smaller than my common room in Third North but it’s nice. We have a big table…

So basically this is where I’m interested in dorming next year. If I don’t get Gramercy, watch me get an apartment instead. 

Anonymous: I hope I'm not bothering you with this question but does stern genuinely look at extracurriculars and passion for business, rather than just stats? I'm involved in a lot of extracurricular activities with leadership positions, along with involvement with some business clubs in my school. My supplement clearly states my passion and future goals. Also, I have a letter of recommendation from the City Comptroller. Do I have a shot?

Possibly! But I’m sorry I honestly don’t know the answer to that question! I’m in Tisch so our criteria is a little different than Stern’s! My best advice would be to keep your grades up and show that you have a productive and ambitious mentality when it  comes to business. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous: But as you said before Facebook friends aren't necessary for making friends at nyu right? If you don't really go out of your way to do that does it harm you or do nothing?

Of course not! You’ll meet loads of people during welcome week. If you’re uncomfortable reaching out across social networks you’ll be fine as long as you’re outgoing in person. It’s all what you make of it. 

Anonymous: why do you continue to do music.

Because music is a passion point for the soul.