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Gramercy Green photo post


So, since I made a master photo post of my room in Third North, I figured I’d make one for Gramercy as well.


This is the common area as viewed from the kitchen. Our common area opens up into the kitchen. It’s a bit smaller than my common room in Third North but it’s nice. We have a big table…

So basically this is where I’m interested in dorming next year. If I don’t get Gramercy, watch me get an apartment instead. 

Anonymous: I hope I'm not bothering you with this question but does stern genuinely look at extracurriculars and passion for business, rather than just stats? I'm involved in a lot of extracurricular activities with leadership positions, along with involvement with some business clubs in my school. My supplement clearly states my passion and future goals. Also, I have a letter of recommendation from the City Comptroller. Do I have a shot?

Possibly! But I’m sorry I honestly don’t know the answer to that question! I’m in Tisch so our criteria is a little different than Stern’s! My best advice would be to keep your grades up and show that you have a productive and ambitious mentality when it  comes to business. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous: But as you said before Facebook friends aren't necessary for making friends at nyu right? If you don't really go out of your way to do that does it harm you or do nothing?

Of course not! You’ll meet loads of people during welcome week. If you’re uncomfortable reaching out across social networks you’ll be fine as long as you’re outgoing in person. It’s all what you make of it. 

Anonymous: why do you continue to do music.

Because music is a passion point for the soul. 

Anonymous: Did people from your Facebook group actually meet in person?

Yup! In fact we had an accepted student gathering (it was only about 5 of us) in New York a couple weeks after ED1 got accepted. Sometime during the spring you should be getting an invitation to Weekend on the Square— a huge NYU open house for all admitted students. That was a great opportunity to meet Facebook classmates in person as well.

quirkyabyss: Hey NYU is my first choice, and I would really love to go, but I'm afraid that I'm not doing enough extracurricular because as of now I'm in french club, spirit club, my school play, plus forensics. I might quit forensics though even though I kinda enjoy it because I'm really emotionally drained and I feel like i'm doing it for the wrong reasons. Also, I really would love to get a job at a big name publishing house like Harper Collins, but I'm not sure what I should major.

Hey! Sorry I’m not really sure what your question was. But the most advice I can give to you is go with your heart, keep doing what you believe you’re most passionate about. Start from your hobbies, and find a way to work those aspects of fun and relaxation into your future career. Someone on this website mentioned that you have the same number of hours in your day as Beyonce has in hers. So if you put your mind to it and focus on the right things you’re bound 2 reach your goals. Best of luck to you & happy new year :) 

happiest--place-on-earth: i was also wondering what your opinion was on the facebook groups that form every year. I'm currently in the NYU Class of 2018 group but I don't talk in it much. However, so many people are having skype sessions and exchanging numbers and such and it's making me think that by the time I get to school all the friend groups will pretty much be made. Did you participate a lot in your class' facebook group?

Funny you ask me that. Haha probably the only reason why I’m class president now is because of my avid participation in those Facebook groups when I first got accepted. Honestly it was just a way for my friends and I to harbor our excitement for the city until we got here. But honestly most of the TRUE and lasting friendships you’ll make are the people on your floor, in your classes, in your major, etc. I don’t even talk to half of the people I met online last year or see them as often as I’d like to. It just gets busy and after a while the people I hang out with are only the people who its convenient to hang around. So honestly if you don’t feel like saying anything in the groups, don’t sweat it. By the end of welcome week you’ll have more numbers in your phone than you’ll need! :) Meanwhile, start applying to scholarships and building your list of things to bring to college ^_^

happiest--place-on-earth: are the loft floors exploration floors or just normal floors? Cause I saw the loft floor on YouTube and it looked amazing!

As of right now they’re just regular floors and anyone could have a chance at being placed on them. I know they USED to be explorations floors but I don’t know if they’re ever going to return to that arrangement.

m1smatched: hi! i've only just submitted my app (10 minutes ago to be exact haha). but i'm worrying a little bit over my extracurriculars. there's a few activities that are solid but i've only recently joined at school (it's a whole first generation student thing, i was never encouraged to do ec's and so i didn't until i realized it too late). my sat and gpa are \good, but i was just wondering if the ec's will play a large role in admissions? i applied to stern btw! thanks so much!

With stern I’m not entirely sure. My guess though: they’d probably love seeing ec activities that are relevant to your future interests (such as DECA or FBLA). But if you’ve specified somewhere on your application that you are a first gen. student & you at least showed some effort going into those activities along with growth and exposure from participating in them, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Good luck! I hope you get in :)